Point Guard

Favourite Player

Chris Paul

Your current boots

Nike Hyper Revs

Dream Team

Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson
Chris Paul
Lebron James
Kyrie Irving
Derrick Rose
Kobe Bryant
Shaquille O’Neal
Paul George
Allen Iverson

Your proudest moment or achievement

Playing in National League Final Fours and coming 2nd and coming 1st in Schools National league Final Fours. And walking into school with my team, wearing my winners medal and t-shirt after becoming School National League Champions and being clapped by the rest of the students.

Why did you choose the Leicester Warriors

My elder brother Kamen played for them and I started as soon as I was old enough.

What do you love about the Leicester Warriors

I’ve made so many friends. I love the camps, training and how much the club helps me improve my game. We are a family.

Your aspirations

To play pro basketball. ‘You don’t have to be tall to play ball’.


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