Annie, Karam, Nia – U15s East Midlands

Karam, Nia, Annie - East Midlands Squad

Congratulations to Karam in being selected for the initial U15s East Midlands Boys Team and Annie and Nia being selected for the initial U15s East Midlands Girls Team. Over 25 players were selected in each group which will be cut down to a final 12 in the coming weeks.

The selection took place at the Wildcats Arena and featured players and teams from Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire with over 100 ballers taking part.

Coach Reuben said “The kids have worked hard to get this far and I wish them the best in the next stages, and remember to have fun.”

A special thanks to Coach Reuben J Walker, Coach Arbham Giga and Coach Dave Harris from Leicester Dynamite who managed the Leicestershire County teams. This opportunity would of not been possible without the commitment of these coaches.

Also a very big thanks to the all the staff at Wildcats Arena who made the day very enjoyable and hospitable, and also East Midland coaches and staff Ben Stanley, Tahir Hajat, Martin Ford and Marie Brown who have volunteered to run the team.


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