U16s B Team versus Leicester Riders


On Saturday 26th November 2016 the Leicester Warriors U16s B Team took on the Leicester Riders coached by Tahir Hajat at Gateway College.

The Leicester Warriors made up of younger players started the game well, and ended the first quarter down by 5, 12-17.

Due to poor defensive execution in the second quarter the Leicester Riders outscored the Leicester Warriors 25-6. Although the players got to the line they could not convert from the charity strip.

The game ended with a 35-85 loss, and the young team have a lot to learn. Coach Tony Francis said “We started well, but sloppy defense let in the Riders on a number of occasions. This is my first season with the team and I can see some quick improvements we can make, but they need to keep their heads up and playing hard. In the end we need to convert the easy and open shots.”

Anybody that would like to play for our teams get down to one of our community sessions THE FIRST SESSION IS FREE! We are always looking for new players whatever ability!
Boys: 10am-12noon at Evington Leisure Centre on Saturdays
Girls: 10am-12noon at Gateway College on Saturdays

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