DME UK Showcase

Leicester Warriors in partnership with DME proudly presents DME UK Showcase.
3 days of basketball coaching from staff from the prestigious DME Sports Academy based in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

Only £150 for 3 days Book your place now

Over 3 days you will learn:


Former NBA Coach Dan Panaggio will present variety of drills and skill – techniques that are emphasized in USA Basketball.

College Recruitment

Former NBA Scout Momir Gajic will evaluate players during the competition and provide education sessions about NCAA recruiting and eligibility rules.


Each player will receive an online mini profile with the photo and the basic info. DME staff will rank top 5 players for each position from both showcases.

Trip to the USA

Top 10 players will be sponsored to participate in the DME Super Session Week between August 1-8, 2018 in Florida.


Only £150 for 3 days Book your place now

Further details also available from Emily Clarke at

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