Raphell Thomas-Edwards

How did you get into basketball?

When i was 7 i bought a basketball to take to school as something to do. I was terrible but i was tall. One day I was spotted by Coach Denley Andrews on my way to school and he told me to and try out for the Youth Games. I didnt make it!

I started going into school early to get better and when the Youth Games came round again I still didn’t make it again, this time because I played for a National League Team.

Position you play?

I play 3,4,5.
But what I learnt over time is that basketball isn’t about positions, positions determine where you catch the ball but you need to be able to shoot, dribble and pass at any position. A post player that can dribble is deadly just like a point guard that can post up.

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Dream Team

I cant think of a top 10 list but I got to give a shout to Karl Brown and everyone at the Leicester Warriors that helped me on my way.

What have you achieved so far?

I played with the Leicester Warriors from the Age of 11 to the Under 18s. Averaged 25 points and 14 rebounds as a senior
England U16s
England U18s. Played in the European Championships and led the British u18 squad in scoring and rebounding, averaging 10 points and 7.9 rebounds during a seven-game tournament.
Great Britain U20s
Buffalo University Division 1
Gannon University Division 2

I achieved my bachelor degree and I am now pursing my Masters in Business.

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Who is your biggest role model?

My biggest role model is my mother without a doubt. A lot of people have helped me on my journey but it is my mom who i learnt the most from. How education is the most important thing and being respectful.

Does anyone stand out as the toughest opponent you’ve faced?

Elliot Sentance – not because he’s the best guy i’ve played against, just that he is always snapping at my heels. If i am at his anytime and we play he always talks the most about beating me.

I dont even have to be in the same country and he will be talking smack ‘you suck’ ‘have you worked out’, and i appreciate that, without Elliott I’d be nowhere. Thats my brother and toughest opponent.

What makes Leicester Warriors special?

Leicester Warriors is special because it’s a family you don’t just play basketball, you make life long connections – trust me i still talk to my teammates – but that’s why i’m glad I was fortunate enoughh to be in a good program.

“Warriors won’t make you a great player, but they will give you the tools to make yourself one”

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