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Name: Mehboob Bachoo
Time with the club: a long time!

A bit about yourself:After my national league days were over I used to coach and play for the Division 1 team LAYA (Leicester Asian Youth Association). They used to pay for our kit and court fees. At the time we were the only multicultural team in the league, and I had the likes of Dave Harris (Leicester Dynamite/Leicester Riders) and also local stars such as Darren and Trevor Weaver and Mark Laywood. At the time during the late 80s and the early 90s we were the team everyone wanted to play for! We were league champions 4 seasons straight and won the cup 2 or 3 times.

Interesting fact:I started playing in the late 1970s as a year 7 at Judgemeadow School and have never looked back. I used to play for a team called Manulife in the Leicestershire Local League Division 1. Kevin Routledge (Leicester Riders director and owner) was a team mate and after every game we would go to the pub and were rewarded witha large blackcurrent and lemonade drink and a pack of peanuts.. and a lift back to Highfields.



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